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Eye Doctor Testimonials

Great service!

I've been going to Insight Optical for years, and continue to highly recommend them. Dr. Feifke is an excellent, caring, and dedicated doctor, who takes the time to explain what he is doing and the results of examinations and tests. He and his office staff are friendly, professional, courteous, and...
- Linda A

5 star!

I see Dr. Feifke for many years and always have the pleasant experience. Great soft intelligent knowledgeable doctor, helpful stuff nice atmosphere. Don't remember the doctor would be running late. Glass selection is amazing, I wear glasses bought at Insight Optical and I always happy. Would recommend this office+doctor unconditionally....
- Ilya K

If not for Dr. Feifke my husband may well have gone blind…

If not for Dr. Feifke, Owner of Insight Optical in Burlington Mass, my husband may well have gone blind. I had been a contented customer for several years when I dragged my husband in and now, four years and two operations later my husband only wears glasses for reading. Dr....
- Pat D.

Great docs and staff!

I’ve been a patient here for many years; great docs and staff. Excellent selection of eyeglass frames too....
- Maria S

Friendly, professional, helpful – thumbs up!

I recently made the wonderful discovery that I need glasses (not a strong prescription, just things far away) and looking at the list of VSP places picked this one. The woman helping me pick my first frames was very nice and put up with me trying on almost every pair...
- Violet R

Excellent experience overall

I've been going to Insight Optical for years to get my glasses (great selection, great service), and I finally decided to have Dr. Feifke do my eye exam as well, after hearing a ton of glowing recommendations. He was great... very nice and friendly, very thorough exam and great explanations...
- Karen G