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Sale of South African beaded artwork raises funds for VOSH-ONE and artists


On December 9, 2018 Dr. Derek Feifke presented a check for $1800 to VOSH-ONE, the proceeds from the sale of artwork he brought back from South Africa in July 2018. He purchased intricately made beaded animals directly from the artists, Tawanda and Trust, who both make the animals and sell them on a sidewalk in Johannesburg. It is a win-win situation, as Dr. Feifke is able to support the artists, who have difficulty making a basic living, and VOSH benefits as a result of the sales.

Dr. Feifke is seen here with the president of VOSH –ONE, Ilara Donarum, and with the artists and some of their work. Stay tuned for more beaded animals to be available early next year as the fundraising will continue. Dr. Feifke used to raise funds for VOSH in the past (almost $25,000) via running the Boston Marathon 7 times. The VOSH scholarship is a direct result of those funds.

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