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2nd Day’s Clinic in Grenada, Nicaragua

Started off the day with no running water in our room, which eliminated the likelihood of an early am jog. Had a hearty breakfast at our usual haunt, Kathy's  and then headed out to the clinic.

Patients were lining up as we arrived. We had a steady flow from start to finish. In all we saw 183 patients today. Saw quite a few pediatric cases today. One particularly rewarding case was an elderly women who had had cataract surgery in one eye four  years ago and she claimed she was still unable to see. Her other eye was legally blind due to an advanced cataract. She presented with an extremely high astigmatism correction which  improved her vision to 20/20. She chose frames,  her lenses will be made for her back in Boston. I  look  forward to her seeing properly again  in about 3 month's time.

IMG 0069Lastly I was proud to present a portable auto refractor to Dr Rudy Vargas for use in the Granada clinic. I will be spending the next 2 days training the nurses how to use it and it's correct application.At the end of the day, Ben and I rented bikes. Riding along the water front as the sun was setting was  exhilarating.All in all another productive day. Looking forward to tomorrow..