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Insight Optical is proud to have been selected by the most prominent local surgeons
to co-manage their LASIK and their other laser patients in pre and post laser eyecare!
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Insight Optical in Burlington, Massachusetts is the premier Optical shop and Eye Doctors north of Boston. Insight Optical is known locally and to clients all over the United States and abroad for bringing together high end and designer eyewear with the latest in eyeglass lens technology. This, in conjunction with superior eye exams, eye health technology and superior customer service, has been the reason our patients and customers have been returning back and referring their friends and family to us for over twenty years.


Dr. Derek Feifke and his staff of Optometrists provide comprehensive eye exams on site. A variety of test will determine the status of your eye health. Many visual and eye health problems can be addressed and the doctors will help you determine which options are best for you. You will be tested for many eye conditions such as Glaucoma, Cataracts, Diabetes and Macular degeneration. Our optometrists treat many conditions such as Dry Eye, Pink Eye, allergies and more. If you get an eye exam with Insight Optical you can be assured that all of your concerns will be addressed to your satisfaction.

Our office also has an extensive collection of designer eyeglass frames and sun wear. Our opticians and style consultants have only one goal in mind - to help our patients and clients find eyewear that fits their lifestyle and visual needs perfectly. You will find exclusive high quality frame lines and our staff is dedicated to working one on one with each client to provide personalized service, care and professionalism that exceeds expectations.!

THE OPTOMAP Experience
Comprehensive eye health examination can detect diseases that affect your eyes, and overall health.
We have the latest eye exam technology that allows us a superior view of the retina, and in many cases, this will eliminate your inconvenience of dilation. More
VOSH-ONE, Dr. Derek Feifke and friends, give their services to those in need in the Dominican Republic
Medical Mission to Constanza, Dominican Republic, April 28 to May 5, 2012

by Derek Feifke OD

The most recent bi annual medical trip to Constanza, Dominican Republic took place from April 28th to May 5th, 2012 . Dr Joe D' Amico and I represented VOSH as part of a team of 24, led by medical director, David Rudolph MD. Our team was comprised of two optometrists, an ENT, pediatrician, internist and dentist as well as five nurses and an optician. We were joined by 10 other volunteers, including administrative personnel and Rotarians as well as 5 local US Peace Corp volunteers.

The Constanza Mission was established by Deacon Joseph Vitello 7 years ago to help provide care and support for this severely underserved area of the DR. In 2007, the mission partnered with physicians from the South Shore Medical Centre to bring much needed medical care to this area. Their organization has since made remarkable progress in terms of accomplishing many of their goals. They have been successful in their efforts to expand and modernize the facilities and operating room at the local hospital. A full time physician has been hired who sees patients on a full time basis. The mission has also successfully implemented a clean water project thanks to the commitment and help of numerous local Rotary clubs.

After our arrival in Santa Domingo, we made the three hour, winding trip up the spectacular mountains of the North East DR to the beautiful Valley of Constanza. This region is located in the mountainous North East of the country, which boasts both the highest mountain and waterfall in the Caribbean. Constanza is a poverty stricken region of the DR where most people earn a meager wage working the fields. Constanza is considered the bread basket of the DR, providing more than 85% of the country’s agricultural needs, for both local consumption and especially export.

We travelled to different villages every day, where the clinics were typically set up in local school houses. Patients queued up from early in the morning. They would be issued numbers and were typically seen in order. Patients were first triaged by the nurses, and were then directed to the appropriate doctors. Patients generally required care from all medical specialties. As always, the need for eye care and vision correction was in high demand.

Our Optometric team examined a total of 348 patients. We dispensed over 500 pairs of glasses including distance, near and sunglasses. There was an unusually high incidence of high astigmatic refractive errors. Rx’s we were not able to provide on site were brought back to the US to be fabricated by our labs. The glasses have since been shipped back to the DR and to the patients in the various villages, care of the wonderfully helpful Sister in charge at the local Convent. Some of the eye pathologies identified by us, included 11 patients with advanced cataracts, including 1 traumatic cataract. A number of patients presented with corneal leucoma and pterygia with at least three requiring surgical intervention. Other unusual pathologies included 3 advanced keratoconic patients, I case of toxoplasmosis, and an entire family afflicted with retinitis pigmentosa Binocular anomalies were also seen, including esotropia and a patient with Duane’s syndrome.

A truly memorable moment on this trip was at the clinic in Sureal, when a young patient paid me a return visit with her mother….. This was a 25 year old young lady with Downe’s Syndrome who I had first met on my trip last year. She had been diagnosed with "blindness" since childhood. Despite going to different medical clinics over the years, the answer was always the same, "nothing could be done to make her see." After a brief retinoscopic scan, it became clear that she was extremely myopic, -14D to be exact. Holding the trial lenses in front of her eyes and witnessing her and her mother’s reaction as she identified the facial features of the young boy ( my son) at the other end of the room was a remarkably emotional event… one that I won't soon forget. Of course, having her pay a return visit to the clinic this year, wearing her new glasses, beaming from ear to ear was a super surprise.

As always, this was another successful and rewarding mission. The multi disciplinary medical approach proved to be efficient in that many health issues could be addressed under the same proverbial roof. Next May, it appears likely that an Ophthalmologist will be joining the Constanza Mission Team for the first time.

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